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Formatos Disponíveis Trojan War Verificado com segurança : 10/26/2021 Baixar HD

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Trojan War (2015)

2.3 /3
When Pete Carroll took over the football program at USC after the 2000 season, the once-great Trojans were under siege. But thanks to his football knowledge, upbeat personality and recruiting skills, Southern Cal was soon back atop the college football world as home attendance skyrocketed, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush won Heismans and the Trojans put together a 34-game winning streak. As it would be later discovered, though, the program was committing sins that would result in lost scholarships, victories and one of those Heismans. But those revelations didn’t come until after the national championship game in the 2006 Rose Bowl between USC and the University of Texas. Featuring interviews with Carroll, Leinart and others inside the USC program at the time, “Trojan War” looks at Carroll’s nine-year USC reign through the prism of that game, considered one of the greatest in college football history. It was also the beginning of the end.
Lançamento : Oct 13, 2015
Tempo de execução : 78 minutos
Língua :
Estúdio : ESPN Films
País : United States of America
Gênero :
Palavra-chave :
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